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The average american life span is 78.74 years.  Let’s call it an even 79.  That is correct. I know what you are thinking: “If that’s average, how long will I last? Will I be above average, or below?”

When I first read that number I thought “shit”, I’m getting close to halfway through.  Half of my time on earth is already behind me.  Its easy to focus on negative bullshit like that. We have talked about this before, negativity is easy; positivity is tough. Instead of thinking about the negative and letting it pull you down like a ships anchor suddenly thrown over the side, we are going to focus on the positive. Don’t lose sight of those opportunities yet to be fulfilled, or those dreams and desires you have been putting off while playing it safe.

Now I’m not saying this is the time to start new and reckless behaviors.  No one needs to start dabbling in narcotics or street racing their Toyota Corolla. Some activities are best left undone. However their are some dreams that definitely need to be explored. Take a minute and go and find yourself a piece of paper and a pen (pen because we want this permanent, paper because I wouldn’t recommend writing on your computer screen. My son tried it once and it did not turn out well.)  Now that you have your pen and paper, write down the number 1-5 in order.  Once you have your numbers take a moment and define ONE goal or new activity you would like to try this year.  For the sake of time and not making this post incredibly long and boring I’m going to include my list of 5 below:

    1. Learn to cook over a wood fire oven.
    2. Take my family on a trip to  some of the National Parks of the Pacific Northwest.
    3. Deadlift 500lb.
    4. Winter hike 1 High Peak.
    5. Take 1 skill based firearm course.

Now these may all seem simple to someone who has done them before, or who knows how to do them already. Yet to someone that has not experienced them, they could seem a little overwhelming. So what do you do?  Let that feeling of uncertainty and unknown overwhelm you? Hell no!  We make another list! (Everyone loves a good list). Now we identify the first step in reaching or accomplishing each goal or activity. Here are mine:

  1. Research plans for building a wood fired oven.
  2. Select National parks to visit.
  3. Identify current 1 rep max deadlift (sometimes you need to know exactly where your starting point is).
  4. Out of 46 high peaks I only need to pick 1!
  5. Compose a list of firearm courses nearby.nm 
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu
The first step is usually always the hardest. The scariest. The toughest to take. But step two, and three, and four become easier. Then new habits form. You are always right on the verge of excellence. Don’t be afraid of venturing forward simply because you don’t know the outcome. True adventure awaits at the edge of your comfort zone.

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