Walking In Theodore Roosevelts Footsteps a Tale of New York State Conservation with Todd Waldron – NY Stat BHA

In this epsiode Todd Waldron Chairman of the NY State chapter on Backvountry Hunters and Anglers joins the show to talk about hunting in the Adirondacks, conservation and Teddy Roosevelt.

Todd Waldron is a hunter-angler-conservationist who lives in the NY Adirondacks with his wife Wendy and their 6 year old daughter.

Hunting and fishing are a wonderful privilege, and with this privilege comes an ongoing responsibility of stewardship; a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation. Todd is a Hunt to Eat Ambassador, a life member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and is currently serving as chair of the New York BHA chapter. Todd is also a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Society of American Foresters and is a Sustaining Member of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. Earlier this year, he co-founded the East to West Hunting Blog and Podcast at http://www.eastwesthunt.com – a community of average DIY hunters and anglers who want to help and encourage each other in their pursuits to embrace wild food and wild places.

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