Timber Sports Athlete – Nathan Waterfeild

In this episode, Nathan shares how he got his start in competitive lumberjack sports, beginning in his college days at SUNY ESF. Wondering what type of workout routine is needed to produce the immense amount of strength needed to be a lumberjack? Nathan expresses his opinion on which exercise is the biggest bang for your buck, and why it consistently makes it into his training regimen. Tune in as Will and Nathan discuss  the various events in the sport, and how Nathan juggles being a family man, a professional logger, and a competitive lumberjack- learn more about why he cuts down trees both for a living AND for fun!
Nathan “Bucket”  Waterfield
Nathan was in college when he started competing in lumberjack sports. Soon thereafter he participated in his first STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series. A decade has passed since that first competition and Waterfield still takes to the stage with his STIHL. The sport Waterfield was getting into would eventually become a major part of his career. He currently works as an arborist and runs his own business, a set up that allows him a flexible schedule and the ability to travel for competitions. When he’s home, he sets up his own lumberjack challenges as a way of training for the upcoming season.
About STIHL TIMBERSPORTS: The Stihl Timbersports Series is a series of woodsman or wood chopping competitions where the athletes compete in the use of axes and saws in manners typical for lumberjacks. It was founded in 1985, and currently include six different disciplines, with both professional and collegiate divisions.


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