The Confessional Episode 9 – The Garmin Xero

To all of the listeners of the show we are incredibly grateful you have listened to The Confessional Series.  Unfortunately, at this time I have come to the conclusion that to take it to the next level I will have to have a source of income so the show can support itself and grow.  With a podcast there are a few ways to do that one being to take on sponsors and advertisers and the other is to charge for it.  I would prefer not to take on sponsors for this series as it may hinder the content or opinions able to be expressed on the show.  Therefore, it leaves me with only the option of charging for the show.  I would live to provide better giveaways and fan experiences for the listeners of this show and unfortunately that will require money.  I hope you understand why this decision has been made.  If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me at adventurousgentlemen@gmail.com

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