An Open Letter of Inspiration & Thanks to the Blue-Collar Workers of America

This is for the early risers who are already at work for a couple hours before the rest of us hear our alarms. The late nighters who work under the moon as it travels throughout the night sky while others are in bed sleeping. They wear faded Carhartt’s instead of some pressed buttoned ups and slacks. They work on weekends, holidays, and birthdays while others have those celebrated times off. Their kind has not only built up this great country, but also the vast machines that our armed forces occupy to protect us and those worldwide. This is an open letter of thanks to the Blue-Collar Workers whom built up this great country.

iron workers

To the ones who chose to pick up tools instead of pen and paper or wear a hard hat and steel toed boots over a suit and tie. Who work in the summer heat that the shade can’t shield you from or the winter cold that is felt to the bone. Where the tolls not only reach a personal level with sore feet and aching muscles; its felt on a much more deeper level, family. There will be time away from spouses and children; birthday parties, family bar-b-ques, and kid’s ball games will be missed. Who can work a full eight or twelve-hour work shift with only four to five hours of sleep at best and still go home and take care of chores and spend time with the family. They may never be millionaires but cherish what they do have because they have worked to earn it.

They are smarter than others think, it has taken years for them to become an expert at their chosen craft and they keep learning every day. They have had busted knuckles, humbling experiences, and gained confidence along the way. The jobsites, shipyards, and roadways they work on provide service to all; whether its building a new utility plant or business office, ships to transport goods or battleships for the US Military, and highways that connect from state to state and coast to coast. They work for the benefit and wellbeing of others.
When you meet one of these blue-collar workers you will notice a few key traits; their hands are rough from their work but their grip is gentle when shaking their hand, they are strong in body and mind from their work and the discipline that comes along with it, their clothes will probably be dirty but their hearts are big and their smiles are warm. One thing for sure is they don’t want anyone to feel sorry for them because of the professional they have chosen they knew what comes with the work.


CENTRAL SIERRA HISTORICAL SOCIETYWorkers at the Shaver sawmill, circa 1890s.CENTRAL SIERRA HISTORICAL SOCIETYShaver Lake, CA 12-13-2011

A simple “Thank You” is all that is needed, a thank you for all the work they put in for the better of our future. So, with that I say, “Thank you to the Blue-Collar Workers throughout our great country, your hard work and sacrifice has made many things possible by the work of your hands and wit. Let me also end with some motivation: enjoy your time away from the worksite for that is what is the brightest part of your day, four to five hours of sleep isn’t much but keep your spirit strong as you get up from bed and get ready for the day, do the best you can on and off the job for the standard was set by our fathers and mothers, and no matter how hard it may seem please chase your dream and keep bettering yourself!

– Cole Moorman

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