Keep the Torch Lit

When Will came to me with the idea for The Adventurous Gentlemen, he was doing so as a father of 1, with another on the way, a budding Real Estate business, a coaching job at a local gym, an existing podcast (Natural Born Hunter), as well as hiking, travelling, training, and various other endeavors. I’m a boat much the same, with my own small family, full time Coaching job, High School Athlete programs, programming design, nutritional coaching, and my own business and blog that needed constant attention as well (Bear Bones Strength).

I know every one of you has a lot on your plate, between home life, being a great man to your family, housework, be it inside or out, as well as finding the balance of a career. This doesn’t always seem to leave a ton of room for hobbies, and even fitness can feel like a chore sometimes.

I want to remind you that if life becomes a serious a checklists, tasks, and obligations, you will fizzle out very quickly, and your spark will be extinguished.

I’m not here to tell you to quit your job, but I will remind you that you can always find time for a hobby, to discover a new passion, to play.

We grow up hearing about responsibilities and learning how to make it in the “real world,” and after time that becomes all we focus on, and we lose the sense of adventure that we once had, trading it i for a sense of security and familiarity of the day to day, afraid to venture out because what you’re doing is already working, and you’re surviving just fine.

There’s an imagination within all of us, there’s a need to grow, a pilot light flickering waiting to be fueled so it can blaze. To leave it in the shadows and push it back is inherently as unhealthy for our well being and mental state as eating drive through burgers every day is for your waistline.

Find balance.

Be a great dad. Be a loving husband. Work hard.

Don’t ever forget to seek out new opportunities though, don’t ever become complacent in good enough, you’re never done until your days on this earth are over, and the moment you give up the capacity to learn and grow and seek adventure, you let the flame die out.

Keep the torch lit, stoke the fires, and live with vigor.

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