Cory Arola – Podcast Episode

In this epsidoe Cory Arola of Kifaru Intl. and Fit 4 the Hunt joins the show to talk about starting out in the hunting industry and what drives him creatively.

Born and raised in Denver, CO, Cory’s love for being outside started at a very young age. He was fortunate enough to have parents that took him camping only a handful of months after being born. Since that time, he has been exploring endlessly. He is always on some adventure: be it hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, or snowboarding.

Cory’s love for photography started at a young age, as well. He started shooting pictures long before the time of digital cameras, as film was expensive to develop. At an early age, his mother gave him a camera without film, and he would go around pretending to take photos of everything. Fast forward to college where he received training in photojournalism and completed a photo internship at Backpacker Magazine. Since that time, photography has primarily been a hobby to share my adventures with friends and family. As he became more experienced he had his hands in various projects, as these projects progressed, he began to make videos. he made short films about snowboarding and hunting excursions for friends and family to share and enjoy. To this day, he continues to do this, because he is always learning something new with each outing, and he absolutely loves watching them watch themselves. The smiles and experiences he shares are immeasurable.

Cory’s fitness background comes from playing soccer. In college, he taught snowboarding. he used to enjoy competing in various obstacle course races however since the hunting world has incorporated physical events with shooting he has transitioned primarily into that as well as endurance races. His goal is to perform better in the real world activities he enjoys.

In addition, Cory loves to cook and has learned a great deal about it from his mother. This is a big reason why Cory loves hunting. Bringing home clean, organic meat allows him to explore many ways to cook and prepare different meals, and he knows the source of his meat.


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