The Adventurous Gentleman is the man who has fire. He earns his way in this world, he provides, he has pride and work ethic, but he also has passion. Always seeking out new ideas, learning new trades, perfecting his craft, he is open to what others have to offer about the world, and takes a small part of every bank of knowledge he encounters and stores it in his toolbox. He takes care of body, mind, and soul. He remembers the playful abandon of his youth, and how nothing was out of reach, his imagination as boundless as it was as a boy. A yes man, a doer, an action taker, he knows he is responsible for his own path in life.

We are Adventurous Gentlemen. Like you, we explore this world and push our mind body and imagination to it’s limits all while leading the lives of family men. We believe you don’t have to sacrifice the passions and pursuits of men once you have become husbands and fathers and providers. We believe there is a world to discover that fuels the fire of our life, and we want to help connect you to that world.


Will Bradley – Founder and Host –

Will lives in Barneveld, NY with his wife Melanie and their two children.  He was born and raised in upstate New York, where the concept, image, and ideas of hunting, hiking and camping are deeply rooted in the culture.  Although Will wasn’t “born” into a hunting family, his love for nature and the outdoors has always run through his blood. He spent many hours upland bird hunting and fly fishing with his grandfather in Adirondacks in his youth, and in 2012 Will took this passion for the outdoors to the next level, as he purchased his first bow. Will is a passionate bow hunter, angler and an avid CrossFit athlete and coach.  When not outdoors Will can usually be found reading Winnie The Pooh to his sons.  Pooh loves a good adventure.


We are all on this journey, this adventure, and there is always more to learn, discover, and live.

Austin Benincasa

Austin was born and raised in the foothills of the Adirondacks, which is where his love for fly fishing, rock climbing and alpine skiing developed from. The vast Adirondack Park yielded endless adventures and shaped his love for the outdoors. He is an outdoorsman who firmly believes in conservation, accessibility and preservation of public lands.

Cole Moorman

Cole was born and raised in the rural country of southern Mississippi. Brought up to be a gentleman, always do what’s right, and to always work for what you need or want. His interests range from music and comic books to outdoor adventures/living and health/fitness. He represents his faith in God as a Christian, be the man his wife and family deserve. Each day he drives to be the best he can be, to be the hardest worker in the room, to be a good man and do what’s right; whether it’s on the job, in the gym, or out in the yard or in the woods. When it comes to hunting it’s about providing for his family and respecting wildlife. His love for the outdoors has recently led his interest to learning more on conservation of endangered species.

William Koepke

William is an individual who values relationships, movement, our amazing natural places, and helping individuals to live a more healthful lifestyle. He has a passion for deepening his relationships with friends and family, movement, food, physiology, and sports medicine. He is also a coach and enjoys helping others pursue their passions and pushing themselves physically and mentally to reach their goals. He began his journey into archery two years ago, and Natural Born Hunter was one of the first podcasts he followed to learn more. It initially started as helping a friend train for a western hunt and Train to Hunt Wyoming. Which eventually morphed into a vision quest and passion for archery, bow hunting, hiking, and exploring public lands. His focus of content at present with The Adventurous Gentlemen is life post college, rookie bow hunting, outdoor recreation, fitness for all, and musings from a sarcastic existentialist.

Drew Youngedyke

Drew YoungeDyke is a public land hunter, a trail-runner, a Train To Hunt athlete, a freelance outdoor writer, and an active member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, helping to found the Michigan BHA chapter in 2016. Professionally, he is the Great Lakes Communications Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). In 2017, he gave away his compound and took up traditional bowhunting, competing in the 2017 Train To Hunt Nationals in the traditional bow division.

Prior to working for NWF, Drew was the editor of Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine and the Chief Information Officer for Michigan United Conservation Clubs, where he founded the Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast and a joint wildlife habitat volunteer program with the Michigan DNR, which won the agency Outdoor Life’s first Open Country award. Before that, he was the Policy & Communications Specialist for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. He earned his law degree and BA in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from Michigan State University. A licensed attorney, Drew is a member of the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan, as well as a member of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers and the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association. He currently serves a DNR appointment to the Pigeon River Country State Forest Advisory Council.

Drew spends the rest of his free time backpacking in the Pigeon River Country, kayaking the Huron River, and volunteering with the Huron River Watershed Council. Originally from Central Lake in northern Michigan, Drew lives in Ann Arbor with his wife Michele.

Tim Bunao

Tim Bunao has been adventurous since day one. Being brought up in a non outdoor environment Tim developed his love for the outdoors while spending time on a friends farm during elementary school summer vacations. It was here where he thought himself to hunt and passion for the outdoors began. Later on Tim moved to Louisville, Ky by himself where he traveled up and down the east coast riding and filming BMX videos. Long summer hikes to jump off of 40 ft cliffs to cool off, a back country D.I.Y elk hunt, week-long solo trip to Canada to explore, and a week-long solo trip to Ohio to roam and scout public land are just a few of the adventures he’s been on.

Tim is 36 and resides in upstate, NY. He will be competing in his 3rd Train To Hunt challenge this summer and has plans to do a solo mule deer hunt this fall. Tim also has plans to move to the Midwest to chase whitetails and be closer to the western big game opportunities as well as the mountains to explore. He hopes that by being involved with Adventurous Gentleman that he can inspire people to get out of their comfort zone, get out and explore or just be adventurous in any way.


Born and raised in Denver, CO, Cory's love for being outside started at a very young age. He was fortunate enough to have parents that took him camping only a handful of months after being born. Since that time, he has been exploring endlessly. He is always on some adventure: be it hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, or snowboarding.

Cory's love for photography started at a young age, as well. He started shooting pictures long before the time of digital cameras, as film was expensive to develop. At an early age, his mother gave him a camera without film, and he would go around pretending to take photos of everything. Fast forward to college where he received training in photojournalism and completed a photo internship at Backpacker Magazine. Since that time, photography has primarily been a hobby to share my adventures with friends and family. As he became more experienced he had his hands in various projects, as these projects progressed, he began to make videos. he made short films about snowboarding and hunting excursions for friends and family to share and enjoy. To this day, he continues to do this, because he is always learning something new with each outing, and he absolutely loves watching them watch themselves. The smiles and experiences he shares are immeasurable.

Cory's fitness background comes from playing soccer. In college, he taught snowboarding. he used to enjoy competing in various obstacle course races however since the hunting world has incorporated physical events with shooting he has transitioned primarily into that as well as endurance races. His goal is to perform better in the real world activities he enjoys.

In addition, Cory loves to cook and has learned a great deal about it from his mother. This is a big reason why Cory loves hunting. Bringing home clean, organic meat allows him to explore many ways to cook and prepare different meals, and he knows the source of his meat.